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40 Days for Life - Prayer Campaign

Do you need service hours?  SERVICE PROJECT!


OR - Pick an hour that works best for you!

Our day for Service & Love through Prayer is Sunday, March 6th

Sign up here:    bit.ly/STAforlife

An adult (parent or coach) is needed with each group of students, please.

There are currently 6 1-hour time slots available.

Date:  March 6th

Time:  Any 1-hour time slot from 7:00am to 6:00 pm

Place:  On College Blvd, just West of Roe - in front of an abortion clinic that does Dismemberment Abortions.  The clinic is Not Open on Sundays.

Purpose:  To take a Stand & Pray for

1)  Women who are afraid & in crisis - 

2)  Healing for women who have had an abortion.

Corporal Service Hours:  1.5 hours

Sign Up Here:  bit.ly/STAforlife