The Medallion

The Medallion
The editor-in-chief of the 2017 Medallion, Kathryn Withers, wrote this mission statement for her book:
"The mission of The Medallion is to create a yearbook that captures all the memories through pictures and thoughtful stories that we, the students, love about Saint Thomas Aquinas and being Saints."
The staff is composed of students who completed Journalism Composition as sophomores and were selected to be on staff. These students will pick the theme, design the pages, take the pictures, interview the Saints and do all of the editing, making it a truly student-produced book with the goal of capturing memories for decades.
The 2017 Medallion staff features seniors Emily Conard, Grayson Dunst, Ellie Thompson, Kathryn Withers and Emma Wolf, and juniors Sarah Dooley, Alayna Law, Grace Mayer, Briley McGreevy, Kat Miller, Katrina Nguyen, Annie Patton, Delaney Smith, Morgan Taylor and Annie Toussaint.
Why July?
Many yearbooks in Johnson County are delivered at the end of the school year, while the Medallion is not delivered to graduates until July. While this may seem like a staff weakness, we actually choose every year to do it this way again for one simple reason: Spring is an amazing time at Saint Thomas Aquinas, and we believe it deserves to be covered and permanently bound in the yearbook.
For a book to arrive in May, it has to be completely finished in mid-March. At Saint Thomas Aquinas, that would force us to leave out spring break mission trips, state basketball championships, Wigs Out, all 10 spring sports, Talent Show, Prom, Spring Olympics, Walk for Life, Dinner Theatre, department awards, Pax Christi winners, Father-Daughter Dance, senior ceremonies (baccalaureate, graduation and Senior Mass), where seniors are going to college (the picture is much clearer in June than in February), and a complete count of state championships and scholarships earned. A May delivery would also cause a great stress to my students in February and early March instead of in May and early June. My seniors would be required to stay home for spring break to make last-minute corrections.
The advantages to May delivery: the book would be at least 50 pages shorter, my yearbook staff would work eight months a year instead of 11, and books could be autographed in May instead of having an alumni party in July.
We'll continue to discuss May vs. July every year. If you have an opinion, you can e-mail the adviser at, the editor-in-chief at, or bend the ear of any yearbook staff members you know.
Medallion 2015
Who We Are
Though we are all individuals with stories all unique, when we pool our talents for the glory of God we get one unbeatable Aquinas community.
We get who we are.
So opened the 2015 Medallion yearbook, with an effort to get six-word stories from every Saint. A creative, intelligent and energetic group of seniors created a 272-page book
Seniors: ads editor Maggie Brown, Gabby Ciccarelli, Liz Conard, Gretchen Cummings, editor-in-chief Katie Ernst, Natalie Gartland, Elizabeth King, Tiffany Nguyen, Ciara O'Reilly, Abby Pope, Rachel Spenner and Brianna Woicke
Juniors: Isabel Kemp, Mary K McCanna, Liz Miller and Jenni Nguyen
Medallion 2014
Creativity was unleashed for the 26th Saint Thomas Aquinas yearbook as a gracious, gregarious group of 20 ladies worked together on 296 pages to show how Aquinas students are many parts of one amazing tree. For the first time since the 2006 yearbook, the editor-in-chief position was shared. Hannah Ney and Hope Thompson modeled excellent teamwork and selflessness for a staff that packed Room 213 full of energy and ideas.
Seniors: mugshots editor Mikaela Hult, photo editor Annie Lind, co-chief Hannah Ney, Annie Schugart, senior ads editor Lydia Taylor, co-chief Hope Thompson, and Sarah Whitney. Juniors: assistant senior ads editor Maggie Brown, Gabrielle Ciccarelli, Liz Conard, Maddy Crume, sports editor Katie Ernst, co-clubs editor Natalie Gartland, index editor Elizabeth King, Tiffany Nguyen, Ciara O'Reilly, co-clubs editor Abby Pope, Rachel Spenner, Laura Willsey and Brianna Woicke.
Medallion 2013
For the 25th year, editor-in-chief Taylor Ruisch's Silver Saints staff dug into the metals that make Saint Thomas Aquinas great. Sydney Klimas was the senior ads editor, Ellie Selanders was the copy editor, and Hannah Ney and Hope Thompson handled club and sports photos. Despite having only six combined semesters of yearbook experience, the talented and hard-working staff completed a 296-page yearbook that earned many compliments.
Morgan Britton, Melanie Keffer, Elizabeth King, Sydney Klimas,
Catherine Kluempers, Hannah Ney, Casey Pigott, Taylor Ruisch
Ellie Selanders, Lauren Stollman, Lydia Taylor,
Hope Thompson & Baile Winslow
Medallion 2012
A remarkable and fun-loving staff published a remarkable and impressive 320-page, full-color yearbook! The theme followed all of the different stimuli Saints experience and was almost a pioneer for scratch-n-sniff yearbook technology.
Katie Ahern, sports editors Danielle Blongewicz and Blair Bowen, senior ads editor Kelsey Castinado, editor-in-chief Emily Ewert, design editor Mackenzie Lutz, mugshot editor Grace Miller, student life editor Rylee Shea, photo editor Laynie Timmons and design editor Lauren Watson
Melanie Keffer, Sydney Klimas, copy editor Taylor Ruisch, Hunter Thomas, copy editor Maddie Weissend, and Baile Winslow
Medallion 2011
something worth talking about
The 2011 yearbook featured 296 pages centered on the burst of communication at Aquinas. A cell phone tower changed our horizon, Twitter and texting grew ever more popular, information came from every direction, and ESPN broadcast a football game.
The editor-in-chief was Megan Greene. Lizzie Amaro was the senior ads editor. Other senior editors were Katie Bolin, Brenna Carey, and Jen Saxer. The juniors were Blair Bowen, Kelsey Castinado, Emily Ewert, Meghan Gampper, Mackenzie Lutz, Grace Miller, Emily Seib, Laynie Timmons and Lauren Watson.
Medallion 2010
The 2010 Medallion student yearbook examined how Saints blaze their own path through Aquinas from a fresh start as freshmen, to fitting in as sophomores, to finding themselves as juniors, to following their own path as seniors and beyond.
[un]scripted drove 2011 yearbook sales past the 90% mark. The book was deemed Second Class by the National Scholastic Press Association with 3,550 points. The staff needed 150 more points to reach First Class status for a third-straight year.
The editor-in-chief was Elizabeth Perry. The senior editors were Shelby Cato, Morgan Commodore, Emily DeLong, Megan Lenhausen, Amanda Robison, Mary Thesing, Maggie Turek, Brigid Walton and Meagan Wilderson.
Medallion 2009
The 2009 Medallion student yearbook, Footprints, improved on its predecessors in every category. Footprints features sharper photography, more creative design, more informative and emotional writing and a more thorough theme development.
The theme had several meanings. The Class of 2008 left big shoes to fill. The Class of 2009 was determined to leave their own unique footprints. The yearbook was divided into seasons, with each season represented by the different footwear - from the barefoot summer, to the cleats of fall, to the Uggs of winter, to the sandals of spring. And the inside cover of the yearbook featured the poem "Footprints," about how God carries us through our toughest moments.
The book was named First Class with two marks of distinction by the National Scholastic Press Association. Footprints received special recognition in the Concept / Essentials and Writing / Editing categories. The total score was 3,930 points.
The editor-in-chief was Meghan Woody. Senior editors were Jessica Boesche, Samantha Engel, Rachel Keffer, Dani Kelley, Megan Macfarlane, Kelly Moore and Julie Saxer.
Stepping Up
The 2008 Medallion student yearbook, Stepping Up, was inducted into Walsworth Publishing's nationwide Gallery of Excellence. It is an honor bestowed to less than 5% of Walsworth's yearbooks. The book will be showcased by Walsworth sales representatives from coast to coast as an example of what a top-notch yearbook looks like.
The theme was chosen due to the high expectations the Class of 2008 faced due to its size, reputation, and precedence from the previous years. The book chronologically follows how Saints in 2007-2008 met or exceeded expectations repeatedly and how they blazed their own path.
Stepping Up was named First Class with two marks of distinction by the National Scholastic Press Association. The staff received special recognition in the Design and Photography categories. The total score was 4,190, including a 98% in photography.
Under Construction
The 2007 Medallion student yearbook, Under Construction, contained 376 full-color pages printed by Walsworth Publishing. The theme was based on the various construction projects happening at Saint Thomas Aquinas just before the school year and also on how students are continually building memories and character. Erin Peterson was the editor in chief.
The 2007 Medallion had the most pages, the highest-quality paper, and was the first all-color book in school history. It was also the first Medallion published by Walsworth.