Yearbook Senior Ads

 Senior Advertisements
We give parents the opportunity to make senior ads more personal and parents have responded! We asked for heartfelt messages and unique backgrounds, and parents responded with amazing senior ads that popped off the page with a big assist from Walsworth Publishing's top-notch printing press.
And ever since we started giving parents more options in 2008, Aquinas parents have stepped up again and again with great background photos and a variety of pictures.
We want more of that this year! Please take a moment to look at some great examples from previous yearbooks, and take some time to think about a message that resonates with your child.
The most important instructions have not changed. We're still going to ask for your proof approval before publishing the ad, and we still have a stellar staff working on the ads.
  1. Fill out the form online.
  2. E-mail photos to
  3. Make sure everything is submitted before the end of the month so you can keep the discount!
  4. Once we have the ad completed, we will send it back to you via e-mail for your approval or adjustment.

Friend/Group Ads
Make sure the special group that created so many fond memories is properly remembered in your senior yearbook. Friends ads follow the same guidelines as other senior ads. You can buy it for your
  • group of friends
  • CYO team
  • Saints athletic team
  • club
  • band
  • 8th grade graduating class
  • special class
  • any other group you can think of

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I reserve an ad this month and pay this month's price, and then submit more pictures later? 
No. While we appreciate your punctuality, an incomplete advertisement does not help us meet our yearbook publisher's deadlines. The discount rate is set once EVERYTHING is turned in: all pictures, a message, a background idea, full payment, and a font choice.
But what if it's the professional photographer's fault the pictures aren't done yet? 
Either way, it holds up our printing process. We can only make progress when we have everything we need.
I can't think of a background idea. What do I do? 
Hannah can help! If you tell the ads editors (Hannah Bellau) what matters most to your senior, they can suggest background ideas.
How will parents approve the ad? 
Hannah will send the page to you in its ready-to-publish form as a PDF. Once it has your approval, we won't change anything else.
What is different about friends ads? 
Nothing. The same guidelines apply.