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May 12, 2015 Senior Issue; 1996-1997; Ready for Debt?; By the Numbers; The K-State Switch; Former Saints Tell All; College Map; AJ Meyers, Shelby Doria, Tom Pyle; Senior Achievers; Tracking the Runaways April 14, 2015 The cheating conundrum; Supplying the work, demanding the effort; In sickness and in health; Where will the next banner go?; Winning Saintsation; Public high school security outpaces Aquinas; Consequences of the magazine sale; Locks to rock cancer; Ahern impacts turf and court; Aquinas needs AP courses; Saints swing for college Feb. 24, 2015 Addressing the issue; Creating Mass Aquinas style; Journalism Honor Society named for Sue Waters; Till death do us part (Farnan’s marriage); Two teachers are tying the knot; Aquinas Mingle; The Johnson County Bubble; The Commute Outside the Bubble; End the Magazine Sale; More freedom for STA Period Jan. 27, 2015 Aquinas 2020; Meet the New Saints; The New Yorker (Charlie Lamont); Celebrity Look-Alikes; Pupcake Wars (Annie Toussaint); EKL Expands; Boys Swim Team Trains with Olathe East; Christmas Break Nov. 25, 2014 A Hero Returns (Leo Brown); Eco Club Returns; It Matters to Kansas; Behind the Curtain; The Science of the Canned Food Drive; Under Canstruction; Maddie Desch’s Life in Pictures; Season of Champions; In the Press Box Oct. 23, 2014 Plethora of Pancakes; An Athlete’s Best Friend; Saints in the Sky; The Next Generation of Believers; Friday Night Lights Countdown; Savannah Miller Takes the Batons to Peru; The Concussion Effect; Catholic Athletes for Christ Comes to Aquinas; 29 Years of Royalty; Canned Food Drive Point Breakdown Special Edition Best of 2013-2014 Saints Bring in the Storm; Surprise Sendoff; Wrapped in Love; Hear Us Roar; 25 Reasons to be a Saint; Dancing Queen; Holmes Spreads Soccer Love to Disadvantaged Kids; The Aquinas Rugby Team Takes on Ireland for Spring Break; Cross Country Girls Achieve Perfection; Football’s New Era Sept. 30, 2014 Homecoming Week Saints Welcome Father Wilczak; Bring Comes Full Circle; Saints in the Wild; Missouri Catholic High School Shake-Up; Wild Homecoming Asks; Norwegian Invasion; Cussigh Continues to Fight; Mr. Thelen = Brother Elias; Saints Stomp Southwest; Saints Troop Out for Soldiers Aug 26, 2014 We Will Rise We Will Rise; Senior Advice to Freshmen; Aquinas Has Prepared for the Class of 2018; New Saints on the Block; Saints on the Minimum; #SummerSelfies; Big Sis Lil Sis; Kemp Conquers All; Spring State Champions; Saints at Nationals; Football’s New Era
May 2, 2014 Class of 2014 by the numbers; @BREKKitdown_now #TweetMaster; Lydia Taylor brightens mornings; Hope Thompson awarded Key Club honor; Grant Mayfield's passion won't leave; College Decisions map; Bailee Cofer's legacy strides to the finish; Ellen Loughman of all trades; Annie Schugart: The unauthorized biography she would have done much better; Saints Walk for Life; Pinkout more than just a game; New StuCo exec council will continue to dare greatly; The study drug is a silent killer; My Big Brother isn't so bad; CENSORED; Then & Now
April 11, 2014 Big Brother will be watching you (LanSchool); Poetry Saint Enrique Gutierrez; Fight for epilepsy advocacy takes Lexi Harmon to D.C.; Students ignore breakfast benefits; Hear us roar (Wigs for Life); Humans of Aquinas; Angels in Disguise; What to do when you’re stuck in an airport for hours; Opinion: The parking lots need more light; The best of Aquinas social media; Maddie Holmes spreads soccer love to disadvantaged kids; From K.C. to L.A. (Blaire Butler); Brooklin Hinz hits a dream; A fastball for his future (Riley Pint); Baseball team set for success; A last look at prom March 26, 2014 Saints’ surprise send-off; Yearbook stresses over deadlines; Magazine sales decline; YikYak stirs controversy; Big tests get major makeovers; Celebrity look-alikes; Ducks and horses and monkeys oh my!; Opinion: Not a fan of ‘Fan of the Game’; The best of Aquinas social media; Seniors pursuing music go through grueling auditions; Experts make madness predictions; Aquinas rugby takes on Ireland for spring break; Saints on a mission Feb. 20, 2014 Rally for Cussigh; Bridge to success; Chilly temps hit Aquinas; Next school year sparks improvement; Aquinas welcomes new students; Whose love will conquer all?; Warriors for life; Needleman rocks Aquinas; The dancing queen; Break the five-day rut; Juniors commit early; Andrews makes an impact; Dancing the night away Jan. 23, 2014 Kairos through the years; Students improvise new club; Saints amp up Catholic Schools Week; The Spirit of Giving (coat drive); 20 signs you go to Aquinas; Becker: Oh say can you sing?; Memories prompt Mrs. Person to return; Annie Lind: A president and a queen; Wrigley named Midwest coach of the year; Saints change schedules; Dreiling wastes no time building a new dynasty; Winter sports update Dec. 16, 2013 Wrapped in love (NHS Christmas Gift Drive); Attendance, enthusiasm waning at games; Students seek dress code options; Key Club wins state award; “Senioritis” on horizon; Christmas special; Ferguson: Pressure positively; Gregson: If you want less homework, prove what you know; Winter training takes off; Recruits reach to Saints; Christmas at Aquinas Nov. 2, 2013 It’s a great week to be a Saint; Mr. Brown to be sent to war zone; Students return home as teachers; Nick Battaglia beats the odds; Saints bring in the storm (HurriCan 2013); 50 reasons to be a Saint; Mitchell: Senior reflects on years of musicals; Boone: Promising to love; Cross country team makes state history; Boys’ soccer team is back on track; Volleyball team takes second at state; Senior athletes commit to colleges; Carroll narrowly leading all-sports race; Seniors play Assassins Oct. 24, 2013 Shield debuts video; Usefulness of homework debated; Survey shows lack of sleep; Classes prepare students for SAT/ACT; Friday Night Lights; Michel: Family bonds have no limits, Anonymous: Football deserves a crowd, Royals spark life, Cast rehearses for musical Sept. 19, 2013 StuCo dares greatly; Father Andrew promoted to director of evangelization; 9/11 remembered; Students travel from Norway; GameDay at Aquinas; Procrastination Playlist; Mayer: Don’t wait to travel abroad; Viso & Vestal: Reach out to students at risk; Silvey-Brownlee: Where words fail, music speaks; Soccer team living the legacy; Homecoming preview Aug. 22, 2013 StuCo prepares for best year yet; Father Daniel comes to Aquinas; Students travel to France; New year brings changes; Saints take the stage; Seniors offer advice to freshmen; Best and worst summer jobs; 50 things to do before you graduate from Aquinas; Powers: True power is service; Boone: Society cannot define beauty; Michel: Questioning Area 51; Farnan offers lesson on manners; Soccer player makes history; Class of 2017
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