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Parent Info

Parent Info
Attendance Phone Number:
To report absences/ appointments - 913-319-2415
Car Registration:
All students driving to school must register their cars and license numbers in the Attendance Office and pay a $50 fee for a parking sticker.  Click here to download the registration form or it can be found on the "Downloadable Form ' link to the right.  Please download and complete it and bring it to the attendance office.
All students must be 16 years of age to purchase a parking  sticker and drive to school.  Those students needing to drive and are not  yet 16, must received written permission from Dr. Sullivan.  He can be
emailed at
Text Notification Program:
In order to enhance our communication lines we are adding a
text message broadcast program for parents/patrons. This will be
used when we have time sensitive information we need to get to you.
It is very simple to sign-up and once your son/daughter graduates
you can opt out.
To opt in: Type Weather to 913-752-9650.
If you have any questions/problems please contact Dr. Sullivan or
Margaret Smith, at 913-319-2421 in the attendance office.
Outside Date Contract:
Students bringing an outside guest to a dance at Saint Thomas Aquinas Highs School need to complete the "Dance Contract for Outside Guests".  The form requires an administrator's approval from the guest's school.  The form can be found on the "Downloadable Form ' page under this tab.  Please download it, complete it and return/ FAX it to the attendance office.