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Religious Vocations

Religious Vocation
Ordained Catholic Priests:
Fr. Vince Huber, '00 (2011 ordination)
Fr. Jaime Zarse, '05 (2014 ordination)
Fr. Carter Zielinski, '09 (2018 ordination)
Catholic Seminary:
Walt Nelson, '97 -- Conception Seminary College, Conception, MO
Geoffrey Calvert, '10
Catholic Monastery Discernment:
Ryan Dennihan, '07 -- Monastic Brothers of Bethlehem, Monastère de l’Assomption Notre-Dame – Currière-en-Chartreuse (Diocese of Grenoble)
Catholic Convent:
Pamela McGown, '08 (Sr. Apostle of Joy) -- Servants of the Lord and Virgin Matara, Washington, DC
Carri Prewitt, '05 (Sr. Mary Magdalene of Immaculate Conception, OP) -- Dominican Nuns Monastery, Summit, NJ
Other Denomination Seminary: 
Ryan Murray, '93 (St. Paul's United Methodist, Kansas City)
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