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Rec Letter Resources

Here is a link to the Rec Letter Folder, that includes my presentation from today, along with updated letterhead (updated colors).
Cliff Notes:
  • Slide 2: Expectation for when you letters should be loaded to Naviance, based on the Colleges deadline (Yellow Highlighted Box)
  • Slide 5: Helpful prompts for teachers, things to think about and include as you write your letter
  • Slide 6: Questions you can convert to a student questionnaire, to help you write you letter and gain perspective from the student.
  • Last Slide: Resources and links for examples of teacher letters
  • Your rec letter should NEVER be handed to a student, sealed in an envelope or otherwise. All letters should be sent directly from Aquinas to the requesting agency. 
  • All letters will be uploaded through Naviance, some students will enter your name and email into an online portal. You may complete the letter in the portal. 
    • Please forward the confirmation to me, so I can mark the date completed in Naviance.
    • Please still also load your letter to Naviance, so it can be used again, if needed
  • You will write one letter that it used multiple times. You can update your letter in Naviance
  • We do not complete the rankings section of the Common App Teacher Report form or any other form.
Thank you all for all that you do to write letters and help our students!