PN - September 2, 2021 » Academic Eligibility for Student Athletes

Academic Eligibility for Student Athletes

All students participating in KSHSAA sponsored STA athletics/activities and/or an STA Club Sport(s) will be held to the following Academic Eligibility process:
Grade reports for Fall Sports season will be run every Friday beginning on 9/3/21 at 6am. Any student with one or more failing grades (below 67%) will be placed in Study Hall until the grade is raised. Students will receive a written notice on Friday mornings if they will be required to attend Study Hall the next week. In the notice we advise students to go talk with their teachers to research how to improve their grade(s). Once a student’s grade is 67% or greater, the student should email their teacher to request that they contact Mr. Ken Fox to be removed from Study Hall for that class.
The intent of Study Hall is to provide students with time to focus on the work they need to do to improve their grade(s). Failure to attend Study Hall daily will result in the student becoming immediately ineligible for competition. If the student is attending Study Hall daily, they will retain their eligibility and will be allowed to compete. But, if the Study Hall requirement continues for a student for 3 weeks in a row, they will become ineligible the 4th week and their ineligibility will continue until their grade(s) is 67% or greater.
There are two Study Hall options each school day Mondays-Fridays:
Option1) 7:15am-7:45am OR
Option2) 3:10pm-3:40pm
Students may select which Study Hall option works better for their schedule. Study Hall is held in Room 124.
On Friday afternoons, Parents of students on the Study Hall report will be notified via email when their son or daughter must attend Study Hall the following week. Coaches will also be notified via email with a list of students for their sport/activity that will be required to attend Study Hall the following week. When applicable, the notifications will include information if a student is also ineligible for competition.