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Memorial Program

We are honored to receive and gratefully accept contributions made in memory of, or in tribute to, loved ones. These gifts are applied to the Guardian Angel Fund, or may be designated by the donor or President of the school. When we receive a memorial or tribute gift, we notify the family that a gift has been made and provide the donor with the opportunity to personalize their message. Honor, memorial or tribute gifts are tax-deductible.

Saints Memorial Fund
There are several ways to memorialize those dear to you. Gifts may be contributed to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in memory of deceased persons, to honor living persons, or to commemorate anniversaries or other special events.

Gifts in Lieu of Flowers
It may be appropriate to remember a loved one by requesting that "in lieu of flowers, the family suggests that contributions be made to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School and the Guardian Angel Fund."

Memorial Plaque Gifts
At any time, that a gift or series of gifts are contributed in honor of and in excess of $250 to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, the name of the deceased will be added to the Memorial Wall located in the hall outside the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. Contributions earmarked for named gifts and endowed memorial scholarships will also initiate the addition of a plaque to the Memorial Wall.

Annual Memorial Mass
The Mass of Remembrance will be held annually, to memorialize deceased loved ones from the preceding calendar year. Please contact the STA Office of Advancement at 913-319-2425 to report or update records for the deceased.

Book of Remembrance
The Book of Remembrance at Saint Thomas Aquinas gives families the opportunity to memorialize their deceased loved ones permanently. Entries may be submitted online or in-person by contacting the STA Office of Advancement at 913-319-2425.
Mass Intentions Throughout the Year
Names of the deceased that have been submitted for the Book of Remembrance before or at the annual Mass of Remembrance will be included in the next academic year’s All-School Mass intentions.

Named Memorial Gifts
From time to time, specific projects and permanent items located at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School may be earmarked for Named Gift opportunities. For more information, please contact President Schenck at 913-319-2420. 

Named Endowed Memorial Scholarships
A named memorial scholarship may be set up at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School by establishing a named endowment fund.  All endowed funds are held by the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas for Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.

The principal balance of each endowed memorial scholarship will be held in perpetuity and spent following guidelines set up by the donor and approved by the Saint Thomas Aquinas Board of Trustees. 
Funds expended will equal interest proceeds as allocated by the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas.

The minimum gift amount to establish an endowed memorial scholarship is currently $25,000.
The principal may be added to, increasing the annual expenditure on the account at any time.

A memorial scholarship fund may also be set up as a “pending-endowed” fund, with an initial gift of $5,000 and the pledge to fully endow the scholarship over five years. In this instance, the principal balance remains intact. All interest earned on the fund is reinvested until the minimum total contribution is reached and the fund becomes fully endowed.

For more information about setting up an endowed memorial scholarship, please contact President Brian Schenck at 913-319-2420.