Marian Award Honorees

Marian Award 
This award is bestowed upon faculty, staff, and administrators of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School for their life-long commitment to the ideals and values of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. Recipients of this award are identified and selected by the President and/or Board of Trustees, and can be conferred at any time during the recipient’s tenure. This honor may also be given posthumously.
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School faculty and staff members who are recipients
of the Marian Award are:
Gennaro Mirocke, 1992
Richard Scott+, 1995
Blake Mulvany, 1996
Janiece Dye, 1996
Sister Kathleen Condry, 1998
Evelyn Boutte, 1999
Gail Prieb, 2002
Archbishop James P. Keleher, 2005
Dennis and Geri Hord, 2005
James Enneking, 2008
Bonnie Patrick, 2009
Bob Aley, 2010
Rebecca Heidlage, 2013
Judy Nickum, 2013
Iris Flournoy, 2014
Tim Lillis+, 2014
Elizabeth Vrabac, 2014
Sue Waters, 2016
Judy Frankovic, 2017
Cyndy Novacek, 2017
Barb Summerson, 2017
Kaye Thompson, 2018
Greg Wilson, 2017