Alumni Award Honorees

Alumni Award
This recognition honors alumni who have exemplified dedication and faithfulness to the mission and ideals of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School through exceptional personal or professional accomplishment. Nominations for this award are accepted on an ongoing basis from all STA constituencies, and selected annually by an appointed Selection Committee. Recipients must be graduates of at least ten years from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. This award can also be given posthumously.
2020 Saints Hall of Fame Alumni Award Recipients
  • Drake Dunsmore, '07 (Overland Park, Kansas)
  • Lisa Karlin, '01 (Astoria, New York)
  • Dr. Kirk McCullough, '97 (Overland Park, Kansas)
  • Drew Morano, '03 (Weatherford, Texas)
  • Mark Roennigke, '96 (Los Angeles, California)
  • 1992 State Champion Girls Golf Team


2018 Saints Hall of Fame Alumni Award Recipients

  • Lisa Gangel Kerney, '00 (Riverside, Connecticut)
  • Angel Reda, '99 (New York, New York)
  • Jason Ross, '93 (Folsom, California)
  • Elizabeth Kisthardt Samples, '00 (Shawnee, Kansas)
  • Michael Thomas, '06 (Edmond, Oklahoma)
2016 Saints Hall of Fame Alumni Award Recipients 
  • Janine DiVita, '03 (Astoria, New York)
  • Anne Renee Kelly Neighbors, '99 (Shawnee, Kansas)
  • Chris Ronan, '92 (Seattle, Washington)
  • 1994 National Champion Boys Soccer Team
2013 Saints Hall of Fame Alumni Award Recipients
  • Fr. Vince Huber, ‘00 (Rome, Italy)
  • Erica Thesing Kratofil, ‘97 (Overland Park, Kansas)
  • Mikey Needleman, ‘02 (Olathe, Kansas)
  • Benjamin Schloegel, ‘96 (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • Dr. Brigid Molen Sullivan, ‘95 (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina)