PN - September 9, 2021 » A Letter from Principal Craig Moss

A Letter from Principal Craig Moss

I sat outside with my wife on an evening not long ago, with the colors of sunset creeping across the clear sky and the sounds of cicadas filling every crevice of silence.  It seemed the night was void of anything else except for one squirrel who bounced back and forth from limb-to-limb.  Eventually the squirrel made its way down the trunk and onto the ground, circling the tree 3 or 4 times in a frenzy before sprinting to a nearby pole where it raced to the top and upon reaching the highest point, it simply seemed to splat down on the pole and take in the view.  It must’ve lain there for 3 minutes (surely an almost-eternity in the life of a squirrel!) with its eyes darting to and fro, taking in all the glory of the world around it.
I’m sure there will be times this year where you and your student(s) will be like that squirrel, running and jumping frantically from limb-to-limb.  Between school and activities, and life in general, there will be a ton going on.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride!  It is going to fly by.  In roughly 170 days we will be putting our stamp on the year and calling it done.  Before that, though, there are games and plays and concerts and practices and tests and hundreds of other things to keep everyone busy.  Be sure and explore this version of the Parent Newsletter to stay abreast of all the goings on.  
One of those things for our freshmen is a program we have implemented to try to help them transition into high school.  In our effort to increase learner achievement, we have examined our learner supports and decided to implement a “Frosh 101” program.  Our counselors have implemented this to try to give freshmen the tools and resources they need to be successful students and human beings.  We are starting by keeping it relatively small and simple, and then we will evaluate the program against benchmarks to determine areas we need to expand or shrink it.  We’ve already hit some of the academic components, and this week has seen more social/emotional topics.  Our next foray will be into how to get involved and we will have a “club fair” on October 1st.  
So – here’s to a great school year.  May your jumps from limb-to-limb result in beautiful, graceful landings, and may you find in all the noise a pole where you can climb to the very top, away from everything else, and just soak in God’s gifts.  While you are up there, say a prayer for us.
Peace to you,
Craig Moss