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Homecoming Parent Letter

Dear Parents
As I’m sure you know by now the Homecoming dance is Saturday, September 25 from 8:00-11:00 P.M.  Since this is the first major dance of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to send out a few reminders.
  1. All students must be at the dance by 9:00 P.M. NO outside dates are allowed at homecoming this year. Whether we allow outside dates for WPA and Prom will be decided after the Christmas break. If for some reason your student does not show up for the dance after registering, parents will be called. All students will enter and exit through the South Commons doors. Students may not leave and re-enter.
  2. All ticket sales are online. Visit the Saint Thomas Aquinas website to see the link for the homecoming dance. Ticket prices are $20 per person starting on Monday September 13. The price goes up to $25 per person for the last 2 days of the ticket sales which are September 22 and 23. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets will not be sold at the dance on Saturday night, September 25. If a student needs to pay with cash or a check, they may go to Room 201 before or after school to see Mrs. Curran. Please note -- students will not get physical tickets.  "Purchasing tickets" online is your entry into the dance.  Please save your confirmation email.  
  3. We will have a breathalyzer at the dance, as we do at all dances, and all students will be tested as they enter.  All cars that are parked in the lot will be checked, including any limos.  All gentlemen will have their coat searched along with ladies’ purses and any bags entering the dance. We also highly discourage the use of Party Busses or Limos for Homecoming. It sends the wrong message and is really not necessary.  
  4. The dress for the dance is semi-formal. One of the ways we can help instill our Catholic values with our students is in how they dress and dance. We are asking our female students to dress modestly and keep skirt lengths at an appropriate length. Current styles are often very revealing, and we ask you to get involved in making sure your child dresses modestly. Students don’t always make the best choice, and we need your help. Boys should wear a button-down shirt and tie (coat optional but encouraged) and dress shoes. Girls should wear dresses that are modest and not too revealing. No excessively tight dresses, no cleavage or bra straps should be showing and no bare midriffs. If dresses have been purchased and in doubt, wear a sweater. Sponsors have the right to ask a student to change or leave the dance. Dancing inappropriately will not be tolerated as well.   
  5. According to school policy Freshmen may not attend the homecoming dance. The first major dance freshmen may attend is WPA and that takes place in the Spring.  
  6. A growing concern is the number of students who attend “after” homecoming parties or spend the night with fellow classmates. If you feel the need to have a party, please be very diligent in supervising the party. Students in the basement without a chaperone have caused many a parent many a headache over the years. Sleepovers are highly discouraged. All students should have a curfew for these special nights and absolutely do not allow boy/girl sleepovers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your student coming home after the dance. Dinner and the Dance are enough for the evening.  
If we all work together on the nights of special occasions, we can help keep our students safe. It is a red flag night so be on your toes.  

God Bless
Michael Sullivan, Ed.D.
Principal, Student Services