PN - September 23, 2021 » A Letter from Assistant Principal Kara DiCarlo

A Letter from Assistant Principal Kara DiCarlo

Greetings Saint Thomas Aquinas Community,
kWe are in the midst of celebrating Homecoming this week and the excitement of the students and the organized chaos can be felt all throughout the school. This Friday will be a perfect example of this exciting organized chaos as we welcome 100 middle school students to be a “Saint for a Day,” celebrate all-school Mass, end our school day with our traditional Homecoming Pep Rally, host a Homecoming Tailgate, and finish the day with all the pomp and circumstance of crowning the Homecoming King and Queen at the football game.
Homecoming unites the past and the present. This Homecoming is significant as it solidifies and broadens my family’s experience in the Aquinas community. Our past can simply be described as my husband, Nick, being a ‘95 graduate of Aquinas. However, when the past is examined deeper, because of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School and overlapping friendships, Nick and I met, fell in love, married and we are witnessing the past coming alive in the present. In the present, we embark on a new chapter for our family as I begin my work as Assistant Principal and our oldest daughter begins her freshman year at Aquinas. Being here at Aquinas continues to fill us with joy and we joke that every event we attend is a sort of Homecoming for Nick. 
This past Monday, as we continued to examine salvation history during our Faculty Retreat, we reflected on the Lord God asking the man and his wife, “Where are you?” (Gen 3:9). I could not help but think of that question for me personally. “Where am I?” In the past, I never imagined myself becoming a school administrator, but as I have journeyed through life, I have followed His will and I now, in the present, find myself in the position of Assistant Principal at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. I have over 20 years of experience in the schools including teaching in both public and private schools, being a school counselor, and also being a stay-at-home mom while serving on the school board and volunteering for all sorts of fun events and projects like so many other parents (I have fond memories of rainy field trips to the zoo and working with other parents to plan and facilitate classroom Christmas parties). As a result of my practicum work for my School Leadership degree, I have been at Aquinas since January of 2020. In that time, I learned from experiences aligned with standards, witnessed successes and challenges, and most importantly, created supportive relationships.
Back to the question, “Where am I?” I can literally answer that question with, “I am praying with your children.” One of the many blessings of my job is starting my mornings in the classrooms praying with and for the students. When I leave, I thank the students for letting me pray with them. It’s a small and simple act, but as we know, prayer is powerful. As I continue to pursue my passion for education, I will seek to understand and look through the many lenses of perspective in schools. Know that “Where I am,” is where I’m led in following His will of servant leadership. As we continue in this school year and as I continue to grow in my position, I would like to ask for your grace and prayers. Please know that you all have mine. 
With gratitude,
Kara DiCarlo