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TikTok Challenge

Dear Parents
I’m guessing by now you have heard about the awful Tik Tok Challenge that came out recently involving all schools nationwide. It went viral and I’ve heard of many cases of vandalism in restrooms at schools across our country and even in our local school districts. This month’s challenge was Mess up a toilet/vandalize restroom. We have not had any incidents that we are aware of, and we addressed it with our student body. We made it real clear to our students that any student who gets involved with one of these challenges would face expulsion from STA. Initially we thought it was a one-month challenge and at the end of September it would end but unfortunately, they published a monthly challenge for the year. I hesitated to send this as I hope our kids are above this but thought you should at least know what’s going on and use it as a good talking point about Social Media. I never thought I’d have to address to students not to commit a crime while in school. It’s crazy to even think this.   
I would ask you to spend a few minutes addressing this with your student and the potential ramifications it could have on them and their future.  Most the students who I have spoken to agree it’s a stupid thing but just want everyone aware.  Here is the list of challenges for the rest of the year.
This story was covered (9/16/21) in Fresno, CA on abc30 where Coalinga-Huron Superintendent addressed the Tik-Tok challenge and the damage that has been done at various schools. The challenges that have been created are as follows:
August – Sleep in and be late
September – Mess up a toilet/vandalize restroom
October - Smack a staff member on the backside
November – Kiss your friends’ girlfriend at school
December – “Deck the halls and show your private area In school halls"
January – Jab a breast
February – Mess up school signs
March – Make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria
April – Grab some “eggz” (theft/stealing)
May – Ditch Day
June – Flip off front office
July – Spray a neighbor fence
God Bless
Michael Sullivan, Ed.D.
Principal, Student Services