PN - October 14, 2021 » A Letter from President Schenck

A Letter from President Schenck

sDear Students and Parents:
I want to thank you for the support and prayers for our students and our community over the past week or so. I am working on an update that I will send out later this afternoon. I understand it gets frustrating to wait for confirmed details when an investigation is ongoing. Many of you are aware of the pain some of our students and alumni are experiencing. Continue to pray for them. Even in the darkest hour, the God moments that we have experienced in the last week have been incredible. Our students are taking care of one another and living like true Saints.  
There are people and things that can bring both good and evil into our lives. Our faith and moral development are so important and even more amplified in today’s society. We are called to be like Jesus, and this call helps us decipher the good from the bad. Yes, that is a tall task because it calls us to become “other-centered” as Fr. Ashmore wrote about previously. A priest I knew in high school always said to stay in the conflict and not avoid it. I thought he was nuts because conflict is uncomfortable. However, the conflict can allow THE TRUTH to shine in our life. Remember, Saints, don’t back down from any challenge or conflict.  
Please also remember in your prayers, the family and friends of Mrs. Iris Flournoy. Iris was a science teacher for 20 years at Saint Thomas Aquinas. Her passion for science was infectious to her students. She was a mentor to others in her department. Iris retired in 2014 but continued to be a part of our community by subbing, even for her daughter-in-law when she was on maternity leave. We will miss Iris. May eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.   
Saints, we are going to push forward. Our community must stay unified and we will come out stronger.  
May God bless you!  
Remember, Love Conquers All!
Brian Schenck