PN - October 28, 2021 » A Letter from Ken Fox

A Letter from Ken Fox

For the past month and a half someone has been placing loaves of bread on my car.  Yes, you read that first line correctly.  Simply put, it’s mind boggling.  Why me?  Why bread?  Is this some weird “new guy at Aquinas” initiation?  Should I be worried?  I still don’t fully understand what is happening, but what I do know is that every time I walk to my car after a late night on campus, and I see a loaf of bread, I smile.
fI have discussed “Bread Gate” with various staff members, students, teachers, administrators, parents, and coaches at this point, and every conversation ends in amused bewilderment and laughter. I also respect the dedication and commitment of “The Bread Bandit” to keep this prank going for so long. I want to say thank you to “The Loafer.” Thank you for providing a fun story I can share from my first couple of months at STA. Thank you for the fun conversations I have had with various people on this topic. The bread has been a friendly reminder to not take things too seriously and to slow down and enjoy each day and the little things that make this community great!
Sometimes it really is as simple as shifting your focus from the big stressors for a moment, to stop and laugh at life’s bread crumbs.
Shifting focus – congratulations to our coaches and players in volleyball, cross country, soccer, and football who are all competing in the playoffs this week! Continue to work hard – we wish you the best of luck!
I also want to take time to highlight a few of the other things that are happening on campus and student achievement in other areas.  
Shout out to everyone who has been hard at work on the Musical! The show opens next week on Thursday, November 4th.
Shout out to our band, our cheer team, and our dance team. These three talented groups came together this past Friday for the first time to perform a “Tribute to America” at last week’s football game.
Shout out to student Issy Earp who led the Purses to Persevere KC drive which brought in 342 purses/wallets and over $2,300.
Shout out to our Spike Ball club which put on their first tournament of the year this past weekend with proceeds going towards the canned food drive.
Shout out to Chamber Choir who sang beautifully at Open House this past Monday.
And a final shout out to the students who simply make others smile.  You are appreciated!
Ken Fox