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November 11, 2021 Parent Newsletter



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Friday, November 12
Extravaganza Set-up

Saturday, November 13
Extravaganza - 5:30 PM

Monday, November 15
A Schedule
Winter Sports 1st Day of Practice
Scholarship Reception - 7:00 PM: Commons

Tuesday, November 16
Faculty Faith Formation
EVEN Schedule

Wednesday, November 17
Faculty Meetings
ODD Schedule

Thursday, November 18
EVEN Schedule

Friday, November 19
ODD Schedule
NHS Christmas Kickoff During STA Period


Pick of the Auction is open. 
For your viewing enjoyment is the complete Story of Extravaganza 2021, created and produced by sophomore parent, Angie Paprocki with the assistance of Saint students and Michele Gress.

This weekend over 600 guests and volunteers will leave Kansas and Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Commons and Gym which will be transformed into Emerald City. 

Go to
to view & bid on auction items. Purchase your chance to choose any one item from the Super Silent or Live Auctions. If you are not attending, on Saturday evening you will receive a video and link to assist in creating unlimited opportunities to fund student activities. It will be your opportunity to Defy Gravity by participating in the bidding and match challenge. 

“Because I Knew You . . . I have been changed For Good”
Elaphaba & Galinda
Extravaganza 2021 - Master


Dear Parents and Students,

Baseball is my favorite sport. There are many reasons for this: the sheer Americana, its meditative pace punctuated with pure performance, and its relaxing environment for a beverage and friends. Yet, one more reason I love baseball might come as a surprise. There’s no such thing as offense or defense in baseball...



Reconciliation During Advent
We will have Reconciliation available for all of our students during STA Period on November 30 and December 2.

And. it’s. over!
Cancun 2021 was a great success!
Thanks to everyone! If you contributed or just thought about it - we appreciate you! Catholic Charities depends on us to help stock the shelves before the Holidays and the Saints deliver. every. time!

We finished last week with 45,000 cans and the promise of a 50% matching gift...

That news sent your StuCo officers off and running this weekend - frantically buying and dealing for cans.

There was a great celebration in the commons this morning as the drive came to an end and the crew started to load 45 pallets of food onto trucks - what an accomplishment! Go Saints!

Total number of cans this year 106,890!

Great job everyone.

Canned Food Drive - 106,890 CANS!
Freshman Retreat


School Calendar
We have made it to November! With all the activities planned for this time of the year, time starts to move quicker and quicker as we approach the end of semester. Additionally, the stress of academics may start to rise. The school calendar was intentionally designed to allow students opportunities to focus on their studies, get help with teachers if need be, and to get a little extra rest when needed (think late-start days). Please help your son or daughter set some goals and then make a plan to manage their schedule during a time of the year that can be overwhelming. 

Please note that on December 15th and 16th we have noon dismissal. All teachers will have office hours in the afternoon and will be available to meet with students. Please have your son or daughter take action by contacting their teacher sooner than later if they need academic assistance.  



Semester Exams, Exemptions, and Exam Waivers
Semester Exams will take place on December 17, 20, and 21st. Waivers are an option for some students who qualify. Below are the requirements necessary to receive a waiver. This information is also found in the Student Handbook (please note, COVID modifications have been made):

Students who have achieved mastery may be exempt from the semester assessment. 

Exemption and Waiver Policy 

1. Any student (Grades 9-12) with a Semester Grade of 96% or above, before the semester test(s), may be exempt. (This 96% does not include the additional five honors points) 
2. Any student achieving a Semester Grade of 86% or above is eligible to earn one (1) exam waiver for one (1) class if the following criteria is met: 
  • Missed no more than four days, or a total of four days in one semester. (16 block periods total. Block periods missed are added together.) Illness, medical appointments, vacations, personal absences and suspensions DO count against the waiver. School sponsored field trips, college visits and funerals are the only exceptions and will not count against the waiver.
  • Receives no more than two electronic violations in one semester 
  • Receives no more than two dress code detentions in one semester.
  • Also any student who is tardy to class more than three times will not be able to use their waiver in that particular class. All waivers and/or exemptions will be held until fines are paid and equipment is returned. 
3. In some disciplines, mastery of knowledge may be more appropriately measured through a cumulative project or portfolio. Therefore a waiver and/or exemption may not apply in these courses.

The Struggle
Finally, below is an article one of our teachers shared recently that eloquently speaks to how important the “struggle” is in academics (which can ultimately be a lesson in how we handle struggles in life). Taking the first step in the direction of help when a person is struggling is key. Please help your son or daughter identify their first step and know we are here to help identify those steps during any struggles.




Sports Physicals 
If your son/daughter is interested in trying out/participating in an STA Winter Sport, we must have a complete Physical file before November 15, 2021. If you already turned in a sports physical for Fall, it is good for the entire school year.  
If you need to complete the forms and physical process, please use the link below to download the forms. Once the forms are completed, please turn them in to the Student Life Office (formerly known as the Athletic Office) located in Senior Hallway. Or you may also email them to Brigid Triggs at [email protected].
Click here to access Physical forms required

The Traveling Saints!
Please keep our traveling Saints in your prayers for safe travels and wish them well:
Varsity Football will be competing in a Sectional post-season game with DeSoto High at DeSoto HS Stadium on 11/12/21 at 7:00 PM. Information from DeSoto High School about the game:


  1. All ticket sales will be DIGITAL ONLY through GO FAN: 
  2. DeSoto High will also be running a live stream of the game on the NFHS Network (subscription is required for viewing):

Visiting fans will sit on the EAST side of the Stadium and park on the East side as well. 

Winter Sports 
Basketball – Boys
There is a google form on the Boys Basketball main web page that Coach requires for Tryouts.  Listed below is the link to information about Boys Basketball tryouts:
Basketball – Girls
Link to info about Girls Basketball Tryouts:
Link to information about Bowling Tryouts:
Swim – Boys
There are no tryouts for the Boys Swim team.  This is a link to information about the Swim Team requirements and practices:
Practice Schedule/Parent information may be found at this link:

Optional Concussion Baseline Testing
Performance Rehab KC is the firm that Saint Thomas Aquinas High School utilizes for Athletic Trainers. Performance Rehab KC is now offering WAVI EEG Concussion Scans as a baseline and recovery management tool for brain injury.
This is an optional offering and is not required by the school for sports participation. Performance Rehab KC is hosting a Winter baseline testing event in December.
Questions, please contact Athletic Trainers Sam or CJ.
[email protected]
[email protected]


Ornament Exchange

Save the Date For the Annual Ornament Exchange hosted by the Parent Guild
Tuesday, December 7
7:00 p.m.
More Details to come!!

Alyssa Boudreau

Saint Thomas Aquinas senior, Alyssa Boudreau, is a member of Scouting Troop 7084 and is one of the first girls nationwide to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. Only 6% of all Scouts (male and female) earn their Eagle rank, that’s what makes this accomplishment even more remarkable. We are so proud of her and pleased to share her story with our community...