PN - December 2, 2021 » A Letter from President Schenck

A Letter from President Schenck

sThe song the Twelve Pains of Christmas went through my head as I was “rigging up the lights” in the beautiful weather this past weekend. It was frustrating because a string of lights that worked at the end of last season only had half the lights working this season. This happened on three different strings of lights. Grrrrrr! The line in the Twelve Pains of Christmas, ”one light goes out, they all go out,” was so appropriate. Stay with me on this thought.


Welcome to Advent, a time for preparation, a time to become more aware of the presence of Jesus in your life. Jesus is the ONE true light. If this ONE light goes out, then THE LIGHT in the world goes out. The world cannot afford to lose such a valuable source of hope, strength, and love. Although we prepare for the baby Jesus to enter the world, we need to take it a step further. We need to welcome the innocence, purity, and joy of a baby into our life. The challenge falls on every one of us to be THE LIGHT. There are very few things or beliefs that unify people. However, we need to be united in our mission to be THE LIGHT to the world. 


We are excited to be in December, and things are getting busy as we wrap up 2021 and begin the winter activity season. It is a good time for our students to have the opportunity for reconciliation this week as part of the preparation for Christmas. We appreciate the support of the priests from the region.


You should have received an email about our final push for the Saints Annual Appeal. We are a bit short of our goal, but I know we can get there. It is a sprint to the finish line. We are asking for participation. Right now, only 16% of our current families have participated to support our students in their extracurricular activities. 88% of our students participate in those activities. Gifts of $25, $50, or more are welcomed (Venmo is now available). Thank you for your support!


Remember, Love Conquers All


Brian Schenck