PN - December 9, 2021 » A Letter from Principal Craig Moss

A Letter from Principal Craig Moss

mWow! The first basketball games of the season last Friday were one of my favorite nights of the school year so far. There have been many great moments, but the way our student body engaged with each other and the game was simply magnificent! A couple of times I literally had goosebumps and couldn’t believe the growth that I’ve seen from our student body this year. Watching everybody ride the roller-coaster cheer as they were all dressed in white was just super and then the alma mater after the game was special. I even had a couple people in the crowd come up to me afterward and remark about how great our kids did and how much they enjoyed the energy our students brought to the game.
I saw more of that growth on display on Monday when we brought our freshmen in for their last Frosh 101 session of the semester. It was hard to believe that was the same group of young people who couldn’t sit still a mere 4 months ago.
And that is why I love my job. Seeing kids grow and adapt and rise to meet expectations is a great way to spend your days. Seeing all the hard work on the part of the kids, parents and teachers come to fruition is rewarding beyond compare. 
It makes me excited for what the rest of the school year will bring.
Final exam time is coming up… I know that this can cause stress. Properly managed and approached, stress can be a good thing – it causes more of that growth. Kids learn that they are more capable than they believe themselves to be which causes them to grow in character, endurance, and hope… and that is pretty cool (See Romans 5: 2-5).
Everyone is looking forward to some time off over Christmas break. Certainly, everyone in this building has earned some R&R. I pray for safe travels for all of you (even if it is just across the cul-de-sac to spend time with your neighbors), and I hope everyone will take a moment and focus on what the Christmas star is calling us toward and like the 3 wise men of old, take a few steps in that direction.
Merry Christmas,