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Concussion Resource

Concussions are a type of brain injury (TBI) sustained when any blow or jolt to the head causes the brain to move rapidly back and forth, creating chemical changes in the brain and sometimes damaging brain cells.
Concussions are usually NOT life threatening.  Most young athletes that sustain a concussion recover completely however trying to return to sport too early can result in incomplete recovery, return of symptoms, worsening of symptoms, and potentially catastrophic permanent brain injury.
The first step to recovery when a concussion is suspected in athletes is to remove from play and consult with Athletic Trainer for evaluation and referral as needed.  
Emergency medical care is necessary when one or more of the following symptoms are noted in an athlete having possibly sustained a concussion:
  • One pupil larger than the other.
  • Drowsiness or inability to wake up.
  • A headache that gets worse and does not go away.
  • Slurred speech, weakness, numbness, or decreased coordination.
  • Repeated vomiting or nausea, convulsions or seizures (shaking or twitching).
  • Unusual behavior, increased confusion, restlessness, or agitation.
  • Loss of consciousness (passed out/knocked out). Even a brief loss of consciousness should be taken seriously.
For more information on concussion in sport:
For a full view of the concussion management procedures for Saint Thomas Aquinas student-athletes please see the attached document below: