PN - April 28, 2022 » A Letter from Assistant Principal Kara DiCarlo

A Letter from Assistant Principal Kara DiCarlo

As this year winds down, I recently came across this Emerson quote that resonated with me years ago and still does today. 
“Small mercies” are impactful to me because they often happen when there is no expectation, however they fill me with gratitude and remind me of the many blessings in my life. I’ve started to reflect on the many “small mercies” I’ve encountered this year and would like to share some as I write what I believe to be my last letter for the 2021-2022 academic school year. Below is a sample of my “small mercies” for the year:
  • The energy and fun of having all the students back in the school full time which can be observed in the commons when they cram as many students as possible around one cafeteria table.
  • Ken Fox’s collection of coffee mugs.
  • The individual time and conversations that have led to cherished relationships with teachers and staff.
  • My collection/obsession of agendas (I sure do love agendas).
  • Fr. Ashmore in the bleachers with the students at the football games.
  • Seeing all the gifts from God displayed on the stage, at athletic events, and in the classroom (of note, this past week I witnessed grit in the pool at the girls swim meet, remarkable talent at the Dinner Theater, and complete joy at the boys club volleyball game).
  • Seeing parents, who I also consider my friends, at All-School Masses.
  • Grandparents Day Mass
  • My short commute that allows me to jump into “mom mode” for a couple of hours before returning to school for evening activities.
  • The various types of connections with students.
  • Doing the Divine Mercy with the teachers and staff before the school year.
  • Kim Spillman’s table at the Aquinas Trivia Night.
  • Seeing my daughter walk the halls where her dad did years ago.
  • The Junior Class winning the Spring Olympics.
  • Craig Moss, my forever mentor.
This has been an incredible year and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Assistant Principal at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. As always, I ask to please keep me in your prayers as you all are in mine.   
In Christ,
Kara DiCarlo