Case Statement

Overview                                         June 2016

In the late 20th century during an era when Catholic educational facilities diminished across the country, the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas not only maintained but expanded the number of elementary and secondary schools serving Catholic families in Northeast Kansas. Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, established in 1988 and currently enrolling 945 students, is one of three Archdiocesan high schools serving 18 Catholic parishes in Johnson County, Kansas.

Over the past 28 years, the original building at 114th & Pflumm has served 6,808 alumni and their families. Considerable physical-plant additions and improvements have been accomplished as a result of the outstanding vision and generosity of many who preceded us.

Thoughtful long-range planning, effective stewardship and increased financial stability by its Board of Trustees now positions Saint Thomas Aquinas High School to call upon individuals and families who have experienced the Spirit of the Saints first-hand, to “Pay It Forward” and help ensure security and stability for our next generations.

The Challenge

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, physically situated among some of the most acclaimed public schools in the United States, is committed to offer the best, most well-rounded education available in southern Johnson County, Kansas, in an incredibly competitive and affluent environment. Routinely recognized regionally and nationally for its outstanding reputation and merit, the school’s mission emphasizes spiritual growth, academic excellence, service to others, and strong, broad-based programs and activities for each of our students.

In order to maintain and promote Catholic secondary education as “the only choice” for families of our Archdiocesan parishes while also remaining safe, affordable and competitive in a rapidly-changing 21st-century environment, we must:
● increase building safety, security and accessibility,
● enhance collaborative learning opportunities and multi-media technology applications,
● improve health and physical education facilities, and
● utilize existing space more efficiently.

To sustain Saint Thomas Aquinas High School for future generations, we must also:
● continue to strengthen annual support of the institution among its constituencies,
● develop alumni leaders as future parents, volunteers, stakeholders and donors, and
● establish a deferred giving program to promote long-term support.

The Heart of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Faith: At the heart and foundation of each individual student, faculty/staff member, parent and Saints alumnus/alumna is our Catholic Faith. Shared values and beliefs and the commitment to support each member of our Saints community are key components to helping students meet their individual challenges and goals while in school and in their professional, family and faith lives.

Family: Saint Thomas Aquinas is committed to challenging and nurturing each student to develop their God-given spiritual, intellectual social and physical potential. The Saints community has a shared responsibility to provide opportunities for every child and family who embraces the ideals and core values of the school. Students at Saint Thomas Aquinas are engaged and make a difference in the community through their many works of mercy. Parent involvement in community activities and liturgies enhances the student’s experience while also encouraging a lifelong support system that is our Communion of Saints.

Friends: Community makes Saint Thomas Aquinas special. It is the cornerstone on which Saint Thomas Aquinas High School was built, and remains one of the most mentioned reasons that alumni and parents have an affinity to the school.

In addition to our own school community, students volunteer each year for nearly 800 human-service agencies. Every year, over 100 colleges and universities across the nation welcome Saints graduates to their campuses, of which 65% are awarded academic scholarships. Saints alumni are proud to be one of the largest constituencies of Catholic alumni at the largest two state schools in Kansas as well as having strong presence at many well-respected Catholic universities in the United States.

Future: Aquinas 2020 is about continuing the Tradition of Excellence and the Legacy of Success that defines us, while keeping Saint Thomas Aquinas High School safe, affordable and sustainable. Saints graduates will continue to be competitive in the next stages of their lives, leading with a solid core of academic readiness, strong character, social adaptability, sincere compassion and deep commitment to living their Faith.Many parents and Saints alumni recognize Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, its nationally-recognized educational programs and vibrant Catholic community as having direct influence on their families’ well-being and success.