Hours Completed Must Meet The Following Criteria
1. Project applications that involve organizations that are not included in the Catholic Outreach Program Handbook should receive approval prior to the beginning of service. The Catholic Outreach administrative team reserves the right to deny any project if it does not meet required guidelines. As a general rule, the hours completed must be performed in a non-profit setting. The experience should be directly related to helping persons of need.
2. An official adult supervisor from the agency must oversee work and sign appropriate forms. Only an official form from STA will be accepted proof of hours. Parental verification is NOT acceptable. Hours must be completed outside class time and documented on official time Sheet and evaluation forms with appropriate signatures. Official documentation, including reflection/evaluation form, must be submitted with Catholic Outreach Coordinator within two weeks of finishing the project. For yearly academic credit, the deadline for verification forms will be April 28th (Seniors) and May 5th (Freshman-Juniors) of each academic year. Summer hours will count for the upcoming academic year beginning June 1st. The supervisor verification forms must be completed and submitted within two weeks of the first day of school.
3. Students may NOT be monetarily compensated for service performed; i.e. money, gifts.
4. Completing the required hours plus additional service will apply for those working to obtain the Presidential Service Award (100 hours per year for 10th-12th grades and 50 hours for 9th grade.)