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Rosemary Maher Saints Walk for Life

What a Great Day to fight for the Right to Life!
The 2023 Rosemary Maher - Saints Walk for Life was awesome! The Lord gave us a perfect day, cool yet sunny and great kids!  We had about 220 students and a total of approximately 250 walkers, enjoying the weather, friends and walking to witness for the Dignity of Life, particularly the unborn! We Rallied and Prayed at Saint Thomas Aquinas gym and then took to the streets down College Blvd to Advice & Aid off of Roe Blvd and 109th St. As we walked about 30 Knights of Columbus, parents and teachers helped us cross the major streets safely. At the end about 40 parents contributed and served a hotdog lunch to all before heading back to Aquinas.
We would like to thank our students and walk participants for their commitment to life, and President Schenck, our Administration and Staff for their support of our efforts in fighting this most important issue of our time! 
We would like to Thank all those who helped with the Walk and provided and served our lunch!
Finally, we would like to thank all of the Sponsors who make significant contributions to the Walk, but truly to support all the centers that aid women and families in crisis pregnancy situations. 
C&C Group
Constance Cooper Foundation
John J Sullivan Jr Charitable Trust
Sunflower Farms 
Foote Cattle Co
Loretto Foundation
Jack & Jill Welsh Family
Chris & Wendy Nigro (Nigro Insurance Group)
In Memory of Zelie Respeliers
Alters Family
Rick & Alison Clark
Mike & Nancy Czinege
The Goza Family
Fertility Care Center of Kansas City
Wes & Patty Jordan
Women's Care OB-GYN Physicians
Mike & Theresa Murphy
D. H. Pace
Paul Radiel
Ryan Lawn & Tree
Cristina & Rebeca Young
Ascension  K of C
Cure' K of C
Holy Spirit K of C 11661
Holy Trinity K of C 6673
Nativity K of C 11067
Prince of Peace K of C 7909
Manning Family
The Andreoli Family
Pro-Life Office, Arch KCK
Babcock Family
Befort Family
Bill & Marta Buser
Cassell Family
Carol Chartrand Real Estate
Kavar Capital Partners
Bob Clement & Lisa Gonzales, DDS 
Dogwood Wealth Management
Eichholz Family
In Memory of Andrew Elliott Erker
Terry & Karen Frederick
The Goodwin Family
Dave & Margie Greving
Mike Hammer Moving LLC
Herre Holistic Dental
Chuck Jansen, Keller Williams 913-710-2597
Jeff & Lisa Kopp
The Kratofil Family
The Kratofil Family
Loughman Family
Rosemary Maher Family
John & Joanne Mayfield
STA Home Repair
Jason & Anne Morrissey
Mark & Mary Radetic 
David & Julie Ward
Michael & Nicole Winkler
Michele & Larry Gress
Mike & Cynthia Sabatini
Marilyn Mischlich
Talan Browne Family
Thad & Kathryn Burditt
Bobby Bjorseth
Karin Capron
Dr. Kathy Chartrand
Kathy & Gary Cloud
Broski Fence Co
Linus & Diane Drouhard
Ann Ecklund
Tim & Meredith Gaigals
David & Lindsay Heyer
Randy & Debbie Huber
Paul & Lise Hund
Jennifer & Mark Jones
Debbie & Kelly Kephart
Barry & Jill Koster
Karl & Kerri Kuckelman
LeBourveau Family
Mary Beth Mecca
Kerry Moore
Craig & Paula Moss
Ricky & Shae Paradise
Barb & Kevin Petracek
Mark & Toni Marie Raney
The Reazin Family
Mark Rielley
Gail Shepard
Randy & Margaret Smith
Danl & Christy Towle
Kevin & Emily Trader
Damon Micek
Brett Gaughan w/ Williams-Gaughan Insurance Agency
Knights of Columbus # 12546, Wea
Knights of Columbus # 12577, St. Michael
Again, Thank you to all that have contributed in some way to the Rosemary Maher - Saints Walk for Life and for your support of those in need of our help.
God Bless you all,
Barb Loughman, Jennifer Jones, Ryan Best, Cathryn Radiel and all our Student Teens for Life Leaders
Sunday afternoon, April 23 2023
1:00 p.m.
Thank you for your interest in the Rosemary Maher Saints Walk for Life
Thank you for Walking to Save Lives!
Spring is here and right around the corner is the Annual Rosemary Maher Saints Walk for Life. Our students, families and friends will begin with a short Rally and Prayer and then start their walk to Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center in Overland Park. As we walk down College Blvd in our matching T-shirts, we will raise awareness of the tragedy of abortion in our community and raise money to support the many Pregnancy Help Centers in the Kansas City area. We need our students, families and friends to sign up for the Walk and/or make a donation to the cause.
To join the Walk it is $25 per walker which includes an awesome T-shirt, a hotdog picnic lunch, a bus ride back to STA after the walk, a donation to the Pregnancy Centers, and Four (4) Corporal Service Hours for current students.
Thank you ahead of time for your support of the most important issue of our day, recognizing and supporting the Dignity of Life. We want to Build a Culture of Life!
You can sign up for the walk and/or make a donation above.


If you would like to be a Sponsor of our Walk a donation of varying amounts will allow you to have your name or business listed in our Parent Newsletter and/or on the back of our T-shirts. In order to be guaranteed a T-shirt by the time of the Walk you must sign up for the Walk or Donate (and have name on shirt) by April 4th
We invite you to sponsor our 2023 Rosemary Maher - Saints Walk for Life. We
appreciate donations at any level, and we are pleased to recognize sponsors:
▪ $1,000 – Sponsor Logo** featured on TOP back of event T-shirt, along with
recognition in Parent Newsletter and Saints Spirit magazine.
▪ $500 – Sponsor Logo** featured on back of event T-shirt, along with
recognition in Parent Newsletter and Saints Spirit magazine.
▪ $300 – Sponsor name* listed on back of event T-shirt, along with recognition
in the Parent Newsletter and Saints Spirit magazine.
▪ $100 – Recognition in Parent Newsletter and Saints Spirit magazine.
If you have questions, please contact the Teens for Life Faculty moderator, Barb Loughman - [email protected] 


Adult Volunteers and Donations needed for our Hotdog Picnic following the Walk and preparing and handing out T-shirts at school a few days before the Walk.
We need donations of food (hotdogs, buns, chips etc) and Adults to help serve and grill/prepare hotdogs. Again, Thanks for your help. Please use the following Sign Up Genius to volunteer
. ALL Donations are greatly appreciated.
  • Our Students will do the walking! We NEED Sponsors!
  • Please consider making a donation to help cover the cost of registration for a student who is unable to at this time. You may also make an extra donation to help places like Advice & Aid care and counsel women in a crisis pregnancy.
  • We will print your name on the back of our Pro Life t-shirts that will be worn by 400+ people.
  • The Link to Sponsor is above.
  • Please prayerfully consider the Mothers in Double Crisis mode. Pregnancy Clinics are getting MORE Calls for HELP!.
Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting our students and all of our pro-life partners!
o Pray for the Success of our Rosemary Maher – Saints Walk for Life.
o Pray that Women in a Crisis Pregnancy will get the Love & Support they need to Choose Life.
o Pray for an End to Abortion.

May God Abundantly Bless You & Your Family!