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Stadium Turf Upgrade

It is hard to believe that the turf in our stadium field is already 10 years old. In the Fall of 2011 and in celebration of the school’s 25th Year Anniversary, 312 current & past parents and alumni raised $900,000 in just 90 days to construct a synthetic turf field and add visitor seating to the Saints athletic stadium! The stadium was completed and dedicated in time for the first soccer and football games of the 2012 season.
The projected lifespan of that turf was 10-12 years. When turf reaches its ‘maturity’, the integrity of the rubber pellets become compromised, compacting, and forming a harder surface. Many of our athletic programs have benefitted from this turf, but in consideration of their safety, we need to replace it. 
The cost of the new generation of turf is $500,000 and the projected lifespan is 13-15 years. We realize it’s an expensive endeavor, but the benefits to our students and community are great:
  • Safer, softer turf provides for minimal impact to our student’s bodies.
  • More airflow in the infill delivers better performance and minimizes the compaction of previous generation turf.
Less compaction offers longer lasting durability and a safer playing surface.
We hope to upgrade the existing turf during the winter months of 2022-23 so there will be no down time for current users. 
Mail Checks to
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, Attn: Stadium Turf Upgrade,
11411 Pflumm, Overland Park, KS  66214
Completed gifts over $750 will receive two (2) of the 4-in-1 Saints Logo Blanket/Poncho/Cushion/Bag