STA Summer School Opportunities 2023

Saints Summer School

Summer 2023 Information Sheet


Thank you for your interest in Saint Thomas Aquinas Summer School


Classes available: 


        1.  Digital Creative Applications- 8:30-12:00
        2.  Speech- 8:30-12:00
        3.  Video Creations- 12:30-4:00                                      (min. 5, max 15)
             Prerequisite is Digital Creative Applications
        4.  Physical Education / Health- 6:30-8:00am               (min.12, max.40) 

             Physical Education/Health will count as either PE 1 or PE 2.
             Additional activities are to be done outside of the regular dates and times,
             those hours will be due June 29, 2023


       5.  Sociology- 8:30-12:00                                                  (min. 10, max 26)


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR SUMMER SCHOOL                                 

Last day to enroll is Monday, May 22, 2023. The cost of summer school is $545 for each class. Payment for summer classes is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Week 1:  Tuesday through Friday, May 30-June 2
  • Week 2:  Monday through Thursday, June 5-8
  • Week 3:  Monday through Thursday, June 12-15     
-- Except for Video Creations, any of these classes may be taken by incoming Freshmen without prerequisites. 
--Summer School is a  great way to get acquainted with high school in a more casual setting.


--For more experienced students, Summer School is a great way to free up valuable regular school-year schedule      time for electives (especially performing arts, debate, forensics, and foreign languages).


--There are a limited number of seats for certain classes and will be filled on a first come first served basis. Each class also has a minimum number of students for the class to occur. 


--Students will receive an email prior to the first day from the teacher of each class with further details about the course, supplies needed, dress code, etc.