Trivia Challenge

Saturday, January 28, 2023
7:00 PM

2020 Saints Trivia Challenge: Saturday, February 1

2019 Saints Trivia Challenge

 Best Decorated - Shot in the Dark
Runner Up - Grease is the Word
Thank you Ellen & Tim Befort and the great volunteer runners and scorekeepers. 

2018 Saints Trivia Challenge
 Best Decorated - The Olympians, '05
Runner Up - Weird Science, Friends of Kim Spillman

Thank you to Ellen & Tim Befort and Sally & John Rode PLUS the great volunteer/runners who made the 2018 Trivia Challenge such a great success.
Winners for the 2018 Trivia Challenge
 Saints 2017 Trivia Results
Congratulations to the three (3) big money winners at the 2017 Trivia Challenge. The Katie Falco Hennen, '05 and Brent Blazek, '05 tables took 1st and 2nd place respectively to win the Best Decorated/Themed Prizes.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.
Saints 2016 Trivia Results
Thank you to the 410 attendees of the 7th Annual Saint Thomas Aquinas Trivia Challenge held on Saturday, February 6th.
1st Place - Cave Men Could Do It
2nd Place - School of Rock
3rd Place - Show Me the Money
Best Decorated - Wizards of Oz
2nd Place, Best Decorated - Boom Boom Room
Trivia Challenge 2015
Approximately 500 members of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Community competed in the 6th Annual Trivia Challenge on Saturday, January 31. A record number sixteen (16) tables were hosted by alumni and many alumni joined their parent’s table to combine their years of knowledge to win cash prizes.  
1st Place - Ten Pins

Best Themed Table - WWF

Trivia Challenge 2014
On Saturday, February 8, 2014 over 470 Saint Thomas Aquinas Alumni, Current & Alumni Parents, Faculty & Staff and Friends of STA participated in the 5th Annual Trivia Challenge. Teams of 10 decorated their tables, provided their own food and beverages and enjoyed trying to correctly answer challenging pop culture questions. 
Cash prizes were awarded to the top four finishers in the Trivia Challenge rounds and two best decorated tables, as voted by their co-challengers. During intermission “Popular TV Show Themes" ” bingo allowed individuals to win cash prizes.
Special thanks to Emcee, Mark Radetic for entertaining and enlightening the guests for over three hours. Kurt Schmidt oversaw scorekeeping and was assisted by Brian Peacock. Donna Schmidt & Mary Radetic, organized volunteer runners Chip Ahern, Cookie & Phil Koester, Janet Peacock and John & Sara Sweeney.
Thank you to all who participated or volunteered to make the night a success.
1st Place - $1,250 to The Border Wars

1st Place: The Border Wars
2nd Place: Go for the Gold
1st Place - Best Decorated Table: Toy Story
2nd Place - Best Decorated Table: Mario Kart

Trivia Challenge 2013
Thank you to alumni co-chairs Patty & Joe Novacek and the volunteers for organizing the record breaking crowd for Trivia Challenge 2013. The pictorial snapshot of the crowd below is a sampling of the enthusiasm, fun and competition shared by the 475 alumni, alumni parents, current parents and friends of STA.
It was a constantly changing competition but in the end the following tables brought home the cash prizes:
1st Place: $1,000 to SuperHeroes
2nd Place: $750 to Circle of Willis
3rd Place: $750 to 8trth Academy Awards
4th Place: $500 to Pitch Perfect
Best Decorated Table: $500 to Duck Dynasty
Best Decorated Table 2nd Place: $300 to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Trivia Challenge 2012
Almost 300 alumni, current & alumni parents and friends of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School participated in the annual Trivia Challenge on Saturday, February 4, 2012.
This year, Trivia Challenge was held in the gym which allows for growth in 2013! Kurt & Donna Schmidt, chaired the event and along with Extreme Trivia constructed a challenging set of categories and questions. Kurt & Donna were assisted by the always entertaining, emcee Mark Radetic and their committee members, Mary Radetic, Brian & Jan Peacock, Tony & Laurie Cindrich, Lanese Wherry, John & Cathy Downey and Charlie & Karen Wheeler.
Ryan Falco and his team of alumni, “The Royal Wedding” won first prize, $1,000. “The Holidays” won $750 and “Border Wars” took home $300. The “STA Jailbirds” went all out and successfully took home $300 for Best Theme/Decorated table.

Trivia Challenge 2011