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Attendance Line: 913-319-2415

Parents must notify the Attendance Office (913-319-2415) any time their student is going to be arriving late, leaving early or will be absent for the day. Please call by 8:00 A.M. but if it is something you know ahead of time you can even call the day before. Be assured that the message you leave on the Attendance voice mail, (913-319-2415) is received; normally, no call backs to confirm are made,

Attendance Guidelines

The following are guidelines regarding appointments, late to school, etc. and can also be found in the handbook. Parents are encouraged to read this section thoroughly.

  • If your student will be missing an entire day(s), please leave your student’s first and last name and the reason for being absent (i.e., ill, funeral, personal, vacation, etc.) If your student is missing multiple days (i.e. vacation, family function, etc.) one phone call with the days the student will miss will suffice. 
  • When possible, appointments (doctor, dental, orthodontic, personal, etc.) should be scheduled before or after school, Saturdays, or school holidays so that class time is not missed. STA period, which is on ODD days, is also a good time to schedule appointments. If early dismissal from class is necessary, please call the Attendance Office (913-319-2415), and a pass will be issued to the student. Parents do not have to come in the building; student may meet parent outside at a mutually agreed upon place.

Students are expected to arrive promptly to school (8:00 A.M. on normal days and 9:00 a.m. on late start days). Students who are late but arrive within 20 minutes of school starting, will receive a late to school pass. Students receive three of these per semester and after the third receive an automatic detention. If arrival to school is due to traffic issues, car breaking down, appointments, etc. a parent needs to call into the attendance line and this late to school will not count towards one of their three free passes.

Attendance Office

Chris Berger
Attendance Manager

Karen Frederick