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Campus Ministry

Student giving communion to another student

We are a communion of Saints. Just as no canonized Saint is alike, none of our student Saints are the same.

Each of our Saint Thomas Aquinas Saints is in a different place on their faith journey. The question of Campus Ministry is, “How can we help each individual take a step closer to Christ?” Our approach to Campus Ministry is a ministry of presence. High School is hard, for all students. Our ministry is one of accompaniment on this journey. The “finish line” for our ministry is not graduation but rather how our students live their lives as disciples of Christ after Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Introducing the Supper Club

The Supper Club - whose name is a play on words - was devised by our Campus Ministry as a way to give students an opportunity to learn more about our Catholic faith from "fresh" voices in our community while gathered in a relaxed environment. Much like sitting around the table and sharing a meal with family and good friends - the Supper Club is students gathered in our chapel around the altar and the meal is delivered by a guest who provides our students with "food for thought"! 

These short videos created by students in Campus Ministry aren't professionally produced - but that's the charm. Using their quick wit and armed with an iPhone, their skits are fun, laughable and let's face it - make you want to go to Supper Club! 

The club is open to all students and meets once a month, in the Chapel during the second half of STA period.

Student Supper Club Video Ads

Two Saint Thomas Aquinas students walking toward the Chapel

Campus Ministry Elective

The Campus Ministry course is an elective that allows students a first-hand experience at living out the Gospel message by ministering to the Saint Thomas Aquinas High School community. At its core, the class emphasizes individual and small group spiritual development by making use of class retreats, planning all school liturgies, and para-liturgies.  The goal of the class is to put faith into practice. Students enrolled in the course must be comfortable sharing their faith in a variety of ways. Students will be expected to pray and journal daily and witness their faith to their peers and teachers. Students will be expected to lead small groups and bible studies during STA period. Campus Ministers should be practicing their faith on a regular basis.

Students in Campus Ministry also serve as lectors, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, art and environment planners and altar servers.

Campus Ministry Team

Mark Blaise, '09
Director of Campus Ministry


Sarah Ikenberry, '96
Campus Ministry, Service Program Coordinator


Sonya Salazar
Campus Ministry, Liturgy & Sacraments Coordinator


Chaplain of Saint Thomas Aquinas HS

Fr. Colm Larkin