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Class Retreats

Student retreats are a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about our faith, practice prayer, and grow in the community. Our Retreat Program is designed with our students’ spiritual, social, and emotional development in mind.

Each class has a retreat opportunity during the course of the year. In addition, all students are encouraged to participate in various spiritual formation opportunities such as:

  • National Catholic Youth Conference (every other year)
  • National March for Life in D. C.
  • Topeka Rally for Life
  • Saints Walk for Life
Saint Thomas Aquinas students on retreat at the Tucker Leadership Lab

Senior Retreat - Kairos

Kairos is an intense retreat experience for Seniors. It centers on fostering the retreatant's connection with God, self, and others. It leaves our students with a compelling question: How will they translate the love of God into meaningful action in our world? 

Kairos helps the retreatant relate his everyday experiences with God. The retreat is adapted from principles derived from the “Spiritual Exercises” of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Several retreats are offered each year. Typically we hold one/two during the summer just before school starts and several each semester for a total of five. Applications are required to sign up and the retreat is first come, first serve basis.

Mr. Mark Blaise is the coordinator for the Kairos retreats. It usually runs from Tuesday evening through Friday (or Monday evening through Thursday evening) and is conducted off campus.

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Contact Information

Mark Blaise, '09
Director of Campus Ministry