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A Mission Trip to Jerusalem Farm

A Mission Trip to Jerusalem Farm

Ask your students about their experience. They worked hard: planted garlic, cleaned up orchards and blackberry beds, cut down invasive plants, hung drywall, and built a retaining wall.  

It was a great mission trip! And as Sonya Salazar, one of our Campus Ministers who accompanied the students, surmised, "Indeed they were Christ to the world".

Our Campus Ministry team works diligently to provide our students with opportunities for growth, sometimes those opportunities challenge students to step outside their comfort zone. Christian service is not another box to check towards graduation but is a meaningful expression of our Christian faith, reflecting our commitment to serving others and living out the values taught at Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Service opportunities like Jerusalem Farm are regularly available through Key Club, Teens 4 Life Club, sports programs, and other clubs/student organizations.


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During the Freshman retreat “Belong,” students are encouraged to contemplate their individual contributions to the community and how each person can enhance the development of a Christ-centered community. 

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