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You're Invited to Supper Club

The Supper Club - whose name is a play on words - was devised by our Campus Ministry as a way to give students an opportunity to learn more about our Catholic faith from "fresh" voices in our community while gathered in a relaxed environment. Much like sitting around the table and sharing a meal with family and good friends - the Supper Club is students gathered in our chapel around the altar and the meal is delivered by a guest who provides our students with "food for thought"! 

While the first two speakers, Fr. Colm, and Fr. Ashmore, have drawn a crowd to the Chapel (let's face it, they are pretty awesome), it's the creative video advertising that has garnered the attention of students and faculty. These short videos created by students in Campus Ministry aren't professionally produced - but that's the charm. Using their quick wit and armed with an iPhone, their skits are fun, laughable and let's face it - make you want to go to Supper Club! 

The club is open to all students and meets once a month, in the Chapel during the second half of STA period.

We hope you enjoy these videos and that they put a smile on your face. And even if you can't join us in our Chapel for Supper Club, be sure to ask your student about it at the dinner table!  

Student Supper Club Video Ads

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