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Extravaganza is our annual auction that benefits the students of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School by providing funds for after-the-bell extra-curricular activities.

Theme for Extravaganza 2023

The Saints Of Time Traveler’s Extravaganza is a special moment in time you won’t want to miss! Join us and celebrate the legendary time travelers of history while being transported to different era in our very own Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.

The clock starts at 5:30 p.m. on November 11.  Be there to support the important hours after the bell that allow all our students the opportunity to expand their day, minds, and experiences. These are minutes that matter with memories to be made.

Discover how steam-punk decor sets the stage, synthesizing modern styles with influences from the Victorian era. Think vintage timepieces and steam-powered gadgets dripping with metallic tones.

Come dressed as your favorite time traveler or choose a saint from history to embody for the evening. This transition through time will be filled with dinner, dancing, music, and entertainment that celebrates the spirit of adventure and exploration—something we want our children and generations to come to have the opportunity to enjoy.

The Saints of Time Traveler's Extravaganza is a unique and exciting event that combines & celebrates our very own Saint Thomas Aquinas’ timeline, highlighting the past, present, and future into one unforgettable evening.

Every second will count on this special occasion. Join us so you don’t miss this piece of Saint Thomas Aquinas’ history in the making!

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Christine Saxer Darden, '06
Director of Special Events