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We Are Called

Aquinas students posing for a picture in the weight room

As a Catholic high school, we are called to inspire and educate our students to discover and use their God-given gifts to spread His love to others. We must examine our current reality and find ways to improve programs and facilities to help our students explore and apply their gifts.

New Campaign

As education continues to evolve we need to develop programs that fulfill the mission of our students to discover their God-given gifts and use those gifts to build strong relationships. It is only through these relationships that we can become closer to Jesus. 

Enhancing the Fine & Performing Arts space, building a Track and a Multipurpose Center allows all students the opportunity to grow socially through fitness. In the future, we will examine several improvements and enhancements to our other outdoor facilities.


It is by living with love and offering Christian witness in our daily tasks that we are called to become SAINTS.

Pope Francis


Project Updates

First Visit to Rockhurst University Nursing Lab


CREATING opportunity
Expand curriculum and develop new programs to help our students explore their God-given strengths. Develop Gateway-Capstone courses: 

Academic Upgrades


EXPANDING the arts
Enhance our Fine & Performing Arts wing by relocating and creating additional classroom space. 

The Arts encourage and improve understanding of self, instill a greater sense of confidence, and promote positive academic and social-emotional development.
Students acquire problem-solving techniques, which help them to see the world in new ways and provide access to understanding God’s ultimate creation. 
Enhancing this space offers students the opportunity to share their gifts outside the classroom with our community.


Arts Expansion


KEEPING students on campus
Safeguard students and increase participation with the addition and upgrade of facilities.

Track and MultiPurpose

Questions or Want to Learn More?

Tim Zande, '02
Director of Advancement